Frequently asked questions

1. What method do you use to clean my windows?

We use pure water to clean your windows which involves the use of telescopic poles and 100% pure water which we filter through deionization vessels. Pure water is left on the windows to dry naturaly and will dry without leaving any streaks or stains.

2. How often do you call?

We usually clean windows every 5 weeks but we also offer a 10 weekly service.

3. Is there a price difference between the 5 weekly and 10 weekly service?

Yes. There is a small price increase for the 10 weekly service as windows will be twice as dirty.

4. What happens if I’m not in to pay?

If you’re not in to pay we have now set up a direct debit payment system for all our regular window cleaning customers by Gocardless direct debits where payment comes out of your bank account 3-5 days after each window clean. Please visit our payment page for more details

5. Do you clean the window sills and frames?

Yes on every visit we clean glass, frames, sills & doors.

6. Can you clean the windows above my conservatory?

Yes, we can clean all hard to reach windows safely from the ground we use telescopic poles and soft brushes witch extend to the required height.

7. Do you clean windows in the rain?

Yes we have been advised from our suppliers that using the pure water system is fine in the rain.

8. Do you offer a guarentee?

Yes we offer a 48 hour guarantee with all our window cleaning. If you are not 100% satisfied we will come back and clean the offending window(s).

9. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we have full public liabillity and employers insurance cover.